Thursday, October 27, 2011

Public Finance Lunch in Indianapolis

On Friday, October 28th, we'll be having lunch in downtown Indy with Ann Latrop, current president of the Capital Improvement Board, Chuck Schalliol, former Director of the Indiana Office of Management and Budget and Chief Financial Officer for Indiana, as well as one to two investment managers from the Indiana Public Employees Retirement System (INPERS).

Time: 10:15
Location: 143 West Market Street, Indianapollis (It is a brown, eight story building on the corner of Market and Capitol, and is right across the street from the Statehouse)

Anticipated Agenda:
Introductions (approximately 10 minutes)
Topics (approximately 10 minutes each speaker:

o   Chuck - Recent state and local reforms in Indiana

o   Ann - How has the Indianapolis Capital Improvement Board dealt with recent changes and fiscal stress?

o   Scott Davis (INPERS Investments) - How does Indiana's pension system compare to other states, and are there any measures currently being undertaken to help make the general pension sector more sustainable?
Discussion/Q&A and warp-up (20 minutes or so)

See you there.